tracks your symptoms and activity

symptoms and activity tracking and recording help to control the progression of the disease.

to unblock your gait

Visual and haptic cues to cope with Freezing of Gait episodes.


pauto® provides geolocation of the user, as long as its battery, GPS signal and service are available.

your intelligent walking stick

how does pauto® help you?

with pauto® you can cope with Freezing of Gait. You can go out in a safe way, as you are always geolocated.

the emergency button warns your caregiver about your position in case of an emergency. pauto® also provides your activity and symptoms.

pauto® adapts to all the users: 3 versions

providing safety and autonomy

users testimony

learning how to use pauto® takes a few seconds. After that you can cope with Freezing of Gait. Your gait becomes more stable, fluent and continuous.

much more than a walking stick

watch the video for more details on the funcionalities

pauto® is the European Finalist on health category in the III Award of Social Innovation given by Fundación MAPFRE in 2020

invest on your safe independence

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    The connections will be activated in your pauto® as long as you contract the service, with a monthly fee of  7,95€ (VAT inc)

    connected to yours

    emergency button and Safety area

    your caregiver will receive an emergency warn when the user presses the button for 7 seconds or if the user exceeds the safety area; this warning includes the position.


    In the versions pauto connect and pauto premium, you’ll always be located outdoors. your caregivers will always know where you are.

    symptoms and activity report

    All the info is recorded on a safe cloud that treats and summarize it in a report.

    intuitive menus and added value information

    pauto-soporte movil
    pauto®: bastón inteligente para párkinson y alzhéimer

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